“There are vocalists, who use their voices as an instruments, and vocal artists, who use their voices as mediums to create art, Jacyn Tremblay is the latter. She seamlessly transitions from edgy rock to bright pop, and then drills down deep into soulful jazz, all the while imparting her own unique style and interpretation of the music she is creating. Her voice adapts flawlessly to whatever style she is singing, and changes in timbre as well as expression to fit the style of music at hand. As a production designer who has seen and heard his share of difficult performers, I can honestly say that Jacyn is the antithesis, and truly a delight to work with. She is one of the few artists that makes the band and the crew feel like they are the ones in the spotlight that she is commanding.”

Joey Nicotera
Retonica Lighting

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“Jacyn is a star — I mean one who shines on stage and one who can deliver just about anything you need — her versatility extends from Jazz, to Pop, to Motown, to the American Songbook, ALL of which she has performed with my orchestra. But she can share the stage also. Her harmonies, her, smile, her movements all help to fit into a duet, trio or quartet situation. As a lead she commands the stage — as a co-worker, she is gracious and helpful. Not afraid to try new works, Jacyn jumps right in — AND she composes as well. Not much more that I can say, except that she’s great to work with!”

Dirk Hillyer
Maestro of The Hillyer Festival Orchestra

“Jacyn’s voice is absolutely astonishing! As co-owner of an entertainment production company I have seen many vocalists, but none of which come as versatile, pure and breathtaking as Jacyn. She can light a stage on fire!”

Frank Prinzivalli
Co-Owner /Phoenix Productions

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“Jacyn and I are musical partners in Venus Mars Project (www.venusmarsproject.com). She’s an amazingly gifted vocalist, performer, and songwriter who brings a positive energy, heart, and soul to every project she takes on. Jacyn is extremely professional, organized, and is committed to making people happy. She brings out the best qualities in everyone she is around in any work or personal environment. On top of that, she’s also a wonderful friend who I’m grateful to be working with!”

Peter Tentindo
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Performer

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“I have been working with Jacyn over the past few years as her makeup artist. Jacyn is incredible to work with, not only is she incredibly talented, she is also a kind hearted and sweet person . She treats all her gigs with the same manner they are all important to her, and she will deliver every time! You will never be disappointed with her performance.”

Nicole Celso
Makeup Artist

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“Jacyn’s talent is like a machete; sharp, swift, and unrelenting. Even more, she’s an extreme pleasure to work with. Watch out world, she’s coming for you.”

Kevin Letourneau
Producer (Scary Mary, Salem Horror Fest)